Enduro Sendero HD 1/10th RTR

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Enduro Sendero HD RTR

The Enduro Trail Truck with Sendero HD body comes ready for adventure right out of the box, with performance-driven REEDY POWER ELECTRONIC SPEED CONTROLLER (ESC): The water resistant SC480X brushed ESC is specifically programmed for crawling with proportional forward/reverse, dual auxiliary power output leads, LiPo low-voltage cutoff protections, and T-plug connector.

IT'S ALL IN THE DETAILS. No trail truck would be complete without a detailed and realistic looking body. The Sendero HD Trail Truck is just that with inspired styling from the 1980s and 1990s American pick-up trucks. The Sendero HD comes equipped with a high-strength polycarbonate body that has been pre-painted to look fresh off the showroom floor. The Sendero HD was designed for both looks and function, featuring a cab-only design with molded utility bed for cargo, injection-molded compact bumper, windshield wipers, folding mirrors, updated sliders, and front grill with working LEDs.

STEALTH(R) X GEARBOX WITH ADJUSTABLE OVERDRIVE GEARS: At the heart of the Enduro is our revolutionary Stealth(R) X gearbox. Although the exterior appears to have a conventional 3-gear transmission look, the inside is far from conventional. The Stealth(R) X features the ability to adjust the rear drive ratio independently of the front drive across three levels: stock overdrives the front end 5.7% (installed in RTR), option 1 provides a one-to-one drive ratio front-to-rear (available separately), and option 2 overdrives the front end 11.83% (included with RTR).

* This vehicle is fully assembled and ready to run right out of the box. Some models may require a battery and/or charger.

Required to Complete

  • Battery pack
  • Battery charger
  • 4 AA batteries for radio 

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